Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Night with Pure Humanity

For one night only, on October 19th, an outstanding art exhibition took place at Basil Leaf Café in Chicago, where KavehAdel, cartoonist and artist and Shahrum Yazdani, artist and calligrapher, collaborated “with a common aim of discovering humanity.” Their surrealistic, allegorical, poetic and political images, with excellent use of ink, shadows and light, colors, paint and textiles, created an ambiance for dialogue and fruitful discussions among a diverse audience. 

Among many of Kaveh Adel’s art works presented, “Where is My Humanity” is a capturing, and thought provoking collection of three pieces of ink pen, which portray humans lost in emptiness, searching for their essence, body and soul. The collection reminds me of a book Peter Schlemiel: The Man who sold his Shadow by Adelbert Von Chamisso where the main character sells his shadow for an endless amount of wealth. Most of Adel’s multi-dimensional works, like this collection,evoke thoughts and challenges to the moment of surprise and wonder where complexity is in opposition to simplicity.

 Love for Norway by Kaveh Adel

Yazdani’s art works, diverse in ideas and styles take you to the labyrinth of human soul where tradition and modernity, solid and unsustainable intersect. Red Rose is his brilliant piece! It reminds me of Diego Rivera’s work: Nude with Calla Lilies. This painting with bright red color in contrast with jet black hair, softness of a nude body and vast blue color invites you to the core of a feminine soul where absolute beauty awakens admiration.
The atmosphere of Basil Leaf Cafe and the humanity, support and generosity of the owners of Basil Leaf Cafe , added an enormous significance to the show.

 Rose Lady by Shahrum Yazdani
Nude with Calla Lilies by Diego Rivera
Kaveh Adel indicates in a note: “This would not have happened without absolute, unconditional love and support and sacrifice made by our loved ones as well as the generosity, humanity and belief in Art by two kindred souls at Basil Leaf Cafe in Chicago.”

The show was for one important purpose: Humanity!

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