Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CRAVE at The Blind Owl

The Blind Owl a Chicago based theatre company will bring Sarah Kane’s CRAVE on stage in August. "CRAVE embodies everything The Blind Owl holds to be vital to theatre; truly poetic language, a script that demands an ensemble at all times, and no emotional boundaries in rehearsal or performance. Crave is a play about the unconscious demons we all try to smother. It's about the pain of being human and how connection with another is the only escape."

 Actors: Marielle de Rocca-Serra (M), Gabi Mayorga (C), Jared Lorenzo (B), and Tibor Radvanyi (A)

Designers: Noah Hayman (lights), Jack Hawkins (sound), Cara Adams (costumes), and Lesley Jackson (set) Production team: Azar Kazemi (director), Elizabeth Thomas (assistant director), Leah Raidt and Colin Sphar (digital marketing), Melanie Plank (poster design), Patricia Lavery (print marketing), C. Dylan Plummer (kick starter campaign manager), Will Gillespie (video director), Morgan Madison (video editor), Sam Benediktson and Heather Kinion (development), Elizabeth Fiala (company stage manger), Julian Grant (camera operator), and Barry Brunetti (production advisor)

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