Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Night with Wagner, Mozart and Schumann

In May 24, 2012 I was invited to see one of Eliza Zielanzinski’s musical performances of Richard Wagner, Wolfgang Mozart and Robert Schumann at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University with hornist Mathew Oliphant and conductor Robert Hasty. Eliza, the concert master, like the rest of University philharmonia, is not majoring in music. She is a PhD student at Northwestern University, majoring in Biology/Molecular Biophysics. Eliza, humble yet outstanding, plays naturally and dances delightfully with her violin, the instrument she has played since her childhood.   
I was more dazzled by Schumann’s piece; symphony No.4 in DMinor, a work in four movements, played without break and linked by a single theme…light and exuberant…..
After the concert, in the joyful weather near Michigan Lake, my friend, amazed by the music and ambiance, asked me:
-What does the name “Eliza” remind you of?
-“Eliza”? …I’m thinking….
- Don't you remember Pygmalion?
-Pygmalion! Yes, Pygmalion!

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