Sunday, June 3, 2012

Candle at IVP

Last week’s third reading of IVP play reading series on May 29, 2012 was Candle from France written by Fabrice Melquiot, translated by Miriam Heard and directed by Nicole Wiesner. The reading came to life in collaboration with the Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in Chicago, Alliance Française de Chicago, Trap Door Theatre and took place at  Alliance Française de Chicago.
Alliance Française de Chicago has always been a huge supporter of IVP since its establishment. Patrizia Acerra expressed her gratitude to Marie-Anne Toledano, Attachée culturelle, Consulat de France mentioning the importance of her positively challenging approach yet persistent and continual support. 

Unlike Hilda , last year’s powerful play by Marie Ndiaye, Candle was a disappointment. It was not only a pretentious play, but also old fashioned in the sense of style and content. Writing about sex and marriage in today’s world, specifically the journalistic analysis of sexuality, made the play boring and outdated. The character “Other Man” was imposing and authoritarian! Further than that the director did not do her homework to convey the points of the play rightly to the audience, even though the shadow performance was beautiful. In the text, playing with words gave to this satirical play a fresh flavor, the actors (John Kahara, Kevin Cox, Lyndsey Rose Kane and Gary Damico) were also enthusiastically present and playful, but the audience was still uninterested and apathetic. I must add that I'm a great fan of French theatre, and I'm not sure whether something went wrong in interpretation!

The last sentence of the synopsis indicates that “Fabrice Melquiot’s Candle turns that table on its audience, asking us to consider whether its final “coup de theatre” is worth the price.” My answer would be: No, it doesn’t worth the price!
Pictures are taken at Alliance Française de Chicago.

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