Friday, May 28, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Encountering rude people reminds me of a Persian proverb I learned when I was five years old. "Once someone asked Loghman Hakim,the learned man, "From whom did you learn politeness?" He responded, " From the rude! I refused to do what they did. "
It's like living in a dark, somber prison when you have to work with a few rude individuals who have not much interest in learning. Their delusional cocoon contains of babbles, laziness and contempt. Their resistance to expand their world, their cling into shallow culture, their refusal to grasp knowledge, brought to my mind the definition of Lumpenproletariats.
The Etymology online Dictionary describes them as "unenlightened". I think to my self: In their entire life they've faced ruthless experiences of being mocked, ridiculed and despised. Now, unconsciously, they get a bizarre satisfaction to despise and being despised! It's a complex circle!

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