Monday, August 24, 2009

Song and Torture

In Islamic Republic of Iran they use religious songs and recitation of Quran, in Abu Ghraib songs like Babylon... that's how certain songs will become torturous!

...During his first four days in Abu Ghraib, Haj Ali was deprived of food and water. He was beaten and sexually assaulted with a rifle. But he says the worse thing that happened was psychological torture:
"At the end of those four days, they took me into the cell and tied me up and brought a speaker as big as this table.It was about ten centimeter from me. The width of the cell door. Exactly this size. And you could hear it over the Arab Bank. The song: Babylon, Babylon, Babylon!"
"When they took the speaker away, I kept hearing it in my head for hours on end."

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