Monday, November 17, 2008

Régis Debray

Today, weary of seeing deteriorated values in human's life, I remembered Regis Debray and Joseph Campbell and many other thinkers who are not among us! I remembered the books I've read in my youth and the dreams I've had for the future....and I still believe that it's only us who are capable of making a difference with our determination and belief in great values.

Read his current political view:
In a February 2007 op-ed in Le Monde, Régis Debray criticized the tendency of the whole French political class to move toward the right-wing of politics. He also deplored the influence of the "videosphere" on modern politics, which he claimed has a tendency to individualize everything, forgetting both past and future (although he praised the loss of the 1960s messianism), outside of any common national project. He criticized the new generation in politics as being competent but without character, and lacking ideas: "So they [think they] recruit philosophy with André Glucksmann or Bernard-Henri Lévy and literature with Christine Angot or Jean d'Ormesson". He called for a vote to the "left of the left," in order to attempt to block a modern "anti-politics" which has turned into political marketing .

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