Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Dennis Kusinich writes:

“No matter our politics, we must take the side of humanity, which encompasses us all, and demand an end to all violence which occurs, implicitly, in our name.

According to a CNN report yesterday, since July 8 a total of 548 Palestinians have been killed and around 3,300 others wounded.

The Times reports, "Israeli tanks opened fire on a hospital, pushing the death toll well over 500. Tank shells crashed through the third-floor of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in central Gaza, killing two patients and their relatives inside a medical ward and wounding scores hit by rubble and shrapnel. They were among at least 65 people killed or pulled dead from the rubble a day after the bloodiest 24 hours of the conflict saw 140 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers"

Below is an eloquent eye-witness testimony published Sunday, by a Norwegian physician attending to the Palestinian people under attack in Gaza. It is a powerful cry from the heart about the plight of innocent people beset by massive, horrifying injustice. “
Dennis Kucinich

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