Thursday, November 14, 2013

France, the last minute...

Photo by E.G

Read portion of a letter by Trita Parsi, NYAC's president:

"We've never been this close. A nuclear agreement was essentially reached. Both the US and Iran worked hard to get it. But last minute, France moved the goal post. The deal fell apart.
And now Congress has been given more time to undermine diplomacy with new sanctions. Those fearing peace are pushing new sanctions precisely to kill the talks.
But why should the Iranian people continue to suffer under sanctions when both the US and Iran agreed to compromise?
Why should the two countries inch towards war when they both opted for peace?
Because make no mistake: Sanctions collapsing the talks will lead to war.
For the first time, the White House’s spokesperson made that clear just yesterday, “the alternative [to a diplomatic deal] is military action.”

Netanyahu and groups like AIPAC know they can set the U.S. back down the path to war by killing the talks with more sanctions. 
NIAC is working to stop them from sabotaging the last best chance at peace. 

P.S. - One of the ways we’re taking on the enemies of diplomacy is through the media.  Did you see my interview on The Colbert Report last night?"

France, you ruined peace talk! You ruined dreams of Iranian people! There would be HOPE to bring peace between all the nations. PEACE IS POSSIBLE!

Read French Exceptionalism?....

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