Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today Orpheus Was Playing Cornet at Church Street in Evanston, IL

Today June 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM I saw Orpheus at Church and Sherman Street. I was walking through Oak Street in Evanston, IL heading to the library when I heard…a celestial solo Cornet instrument with an orchestra in the middle of Church street. I was drawn to the sound…walking four blocks swiftly, ecstatically, thirsty for the music and I found him. It was Orpheus playing a classical piece!
A man coming out of the library asked me: “Where is this music coming from? Is it live?”
“Yes”, I said. “Walk two blocks West…”

I listened.

Then, in a silent moment, I asked Orpheus: “may I have your card?”
 I wanted to know his name.
He was in a transcendental mood, a divine world…I shouldn’t talk to him in this fragile moment, but I could not resist.
He said:  “I don’t have a card!” (I had this feeling that he is one of those skilled Cornet players in one of the  International Classical Orchestras who wants to elevate people to the level of understanding, appreciation and admiration of good arts.)

His lips were dry.
“May I take a picture of you?”
He nodded.
The weather was delightful.
As I was walking back, I journeyed through history and I remembered those prehistoric artists whom we never knew. Those who never worked for their ego, fame or wealth… Those true artists who would transform you in just one moment….  
Then I remembered Antonin Artaud’s philosophy of art. He came to this realization in his trip to Mexico when visiting ancient civilization.
This poem is written at the doorway of Evanston Library.
 And, this poem.
Photos by Ezzat Goushegir


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