Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Full moon

By Ezzat Goushegir

Full moon
Hot and humid
Oak street and Davis are empty
Church Street and Maple are bare

A barefoot old man curled up on the tiled pavement near Barnes and Noble
Laughs repeatedly at something unknown
The bookstore is almost crowded

The temperature is 98 degrees
Door opens
Cool air

I have my keys in my hand
The only thing I carry with me
Linden trees stand still
No wind

I walk toward the Lake
Fireworks start in Wilmette
Sounds like warzones
Smells of Gunpowder

I keep walking
Three young black  men walk steadily
Two Asian girls sip their drinks
A man and a woman speak Russian 

Full moon
No howling in distance
Chronic silence untreated inside me

A shadow looks at the glistening water on the secluded shore
Moon is full

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