Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Birth Place, Dezful

By Ezzat Goushegir

Dezful, is my birth place

you taught me how to love
How to hate
how to be angry
how to be tender

how to respect our earth, our environment,
trees, flowers, birds, animals, sun, air, water...

Dezful, you taught me how to smell, touch, breathe,
how to follow my instinct, my curiosity, my desires
in the dare-devil hot days...

You taught me how to build birds' nests,
feed the sparrows by a piece of bread left on the table,
view the universe from behind the brick windows...
find complexities, like the labyrinthine corridors of "Shawadoon"s,
observe communications between people sitting on "Sakoo"s or "Khajeh neshin"s
watching naked children playing with pebbles in the narrow allies

You taught me how to respect people's privacy
when walking through dark "Daalaan"s...

You taught me to be recklessly free when sleeping on the rooftop,
being close to the untouchable sky, the moon, the stars..

You taught me to be fragrant like your "Faash''es, like your "Zool"s...

You taught me to be brave and audacious like your summer sun
to be wild, like your spring thunderstorms
And be shy and timid like my long dress covering my pink bra
when the wind roars under its dancing waves...

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