Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love triumphs over war

Not Gone with the Wind
By Mahasti Shahrokhi
“Any Iranian woman who overlooks the importance of solidarity among women, needs to read this poem several times and become aware of the thousands of elements that bring us women together.”
Azadeh Azad
اگر ویلیام بتواند روی صفحات سپید کاغذ
و در سالن تئاتر، برای یک شب،
رومئو را به وصال ژولیت برساند
اگر فقط یک شب،
روی صفحات کاغذ،
عشق بر جنگ پیروز شود
پس نوشتن هرگز بیهوده نبوده است"
"If William were capable to wed Romeo with Juliet
Only for one night, on a blank page,
Or on the stage
If only for one night
Love triumphs over war,
On a blank page of our notebook,
Then, writing has never been in vain."

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