Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Name is Inanna in Chinese language

Poster of My Name is Inanna

See some clips of my One Woman play My Name is Inanna in China production. The play was translated into Chinese and directed by Xiaoqing Hu for "Wind, Horse and Cow" Theatre Festival and acted by Qi Shaoyuan.

In Chinese language, there is an idiom which says: “ Wind, Horse and Cow are thousand miles apart". This fringe festival encouraged uniquely different theatrical voices and provided a platform for theatre artists to display their creativity. This year’s theme was “Understanding of Space”.
My Name is Inanna was performed in Trojan Theatre from November 2 thru 6.

See some pictures here.
Read information about my play in Chinese language.

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All the pictures and video clips courtesy of my great friend Hossein Khandan. With deepest appreciation to you Hossein: Thank you

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