Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Endless Tyranny...Endless Resistance...

I believe those who are capable of committing violence are not much different than dictators! The disturbing images of Qaddafi’s last moments of his life made me think about Puyi, The Last Emperor of China who was treated rather humanely as a gardener than being tortured and executed!
The real Power is when you remain human even in the peak of your triumph. With the death of a dictator, tyranny does not end. The ferocious, invisible tyrants are governing the world with their democratic slogans from their glorious offices, standing beside those dictators who are visible.

Hillary Clinton says: We Came, We saw, he died!

Watch a scene of Bernardo Bertolucci's film The Last Emperor

Puyi: You saved me because I'm useful to you!
The Governor of the prison: Is that so terrible to be useful?

Last scene of The Last Emperor.

A clip on Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena ceausescu's execution.

And the execution of the last Tzar and his family...Nicholas II of Russia...

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