Saturday, August 13, 2011

Honorable Mentions

Reading an excerpt of the play at ATHE Conference Friday August 12 at Palmer House, Chicago.

In 2011 Jane Chambers Awards my play "Maryam’s Pregnancy" (4 F, 1 M: 90 Minutes) received Honorable Mentions.
It's described by the judges: "In this audacious nine- scene play, an adult Maryam and the “actress” who present her vie over the best way to represent the seventeen year old Maryam’s traumatic journey of unwanted, out –of-wedlock pregnancy, attempted abortion, and hiding during the escalating fear and terror of Iran-Iraq War. The play revisions the Rapunzel fairytale and evokes Pirandello’s metatheatre pierced by a poetics of cruelty as it stages the seventeen year-old’s struggle for agency amid dire gender prohibitions, dramatically-loaded circumstance, and a love-hate journey with her mother, who both condemns and helps to preserve her. For bold audiences."

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Sparrow said...

Congratulations, Ezzat! This is great!