Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Aleph by Paulo Coelho

The Aleph by Paulo Coelho
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Priya Sher

The Aleph is Paulo Coelho’s hugely anticipated new book, releasing worldwide in 2011. It has already been published in Portuguese in Brazil and since its release in July 2010 has stayed firmly in the top 10 bestseller lists. Readers of the book include the Brazilian President Lula Da Silva.

The Aleph is a journey into Paulo Coelho’s soul; past, present and future. In his blog he writes:

‘The 3rd sacred road is called Road to Jerusalem. Again, you don’t need to go to Jerusalem, but you have to travel in space and time. The only task I was given was: stay away from home for the next 4 months. I went to several countries, but the epiphany happened while crossing Asia in the Transiberian train (15 days, 7 different time zones, 9.2528 kms from Moscow to Vladivostok). I was traveling with a Turkish girl, Hilal (not her real name), for reasons that you are going to discover in the book. This point where time and space converge is called “The Aleph”(J.L.Borges has a wonderful short story about this point). Therefore, this is the title of my new book: “The Aleph”.’
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