Monday, December 20, 2010

Yalda Night

This is an excerpt of an email my friend Naiman sent us:
Wish for a Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanza, Hanukkah & Yalda.
"As we approach with the few remaining hours of sunlight today the winter solstice (Yalda in Persian) , the longest night of the year ; it is apropos that I take the time to wish you health and abundance of other blessings in this season where the miracle of four holiday traditions coincide.

The ancient Persians celebrated every three months the change of seasons, and marked the first day of spring in March (Noruz) as the beginning of their year.The winter holiday of Yalda in which they celebrated the bounty of their recently collected harvests and the birth of various kings as well as nobility figures, is believed by many historians to be the actual holiday that many pagans who were later to become Christians appropriated for their own purposes."

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