Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nubia Maat Ptah

I know Nubia Maat Ptah since 2004 when she took my class "Imagism and Poetic Vision in Play writing" at School for New Learning, DePaul University. In 2005 she took another class I taught "Single Mothers, Single Women, Single Fathers, Single Men"...Her passion for learning, her openness to new ideas, her persistence and diligent hard working were immense. She graduated and immediately started the Graduate School. Now she will be a PHD student soon. Her goal is serving humanity and her community, I believe. That raises enormous admiration!

It was my delightful surprise to learn that she published her first book "Unfinished Business", a book of poetry, essays, memoir and self improvement in 2007. In my astonishment I read in acknowledgments page that I was one of the people whom she thanked me for "guiding her to the vehicle that will never restrict her creativity".
This is my valuable gift for teaching at DePaul University!

Nubia begins her book with her own quote : "Fragmented pieces of my mind have a way of roaming into my dreams, altering the course of my life." And ends it with: "The self is such a delicate jewel that if chiseled incorrectly it will become worthless."
All my best to you Nubia!

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