Friday, June 4, 2010

Knowledge, Empathy, Love

I just listened to an outstanding interview with a Palestinian man Bassam Aramin whose daughter was shot dead by an Israeli soldier, and a former pilot Israeli Yonatan Shapira in The story. This is an eye-opening story of knowledge, understanding, love, empathy and peace.

"The debate continues over the Israeli attack on the flotilla of ships headed to Gaza. The two sides are accusing one another and the diplomatic fallout for Israel is mounting.

Bassam Aramin and Yonatan Shapira have lived with that tension their whole lives. Bassan is a Palestinian from the West Bank who was jailed for planning an attack on Israelis. Yonatan Shapira was a pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Both experienced a change of heart and realized violence was not the answer."
Listen to this lullaby sung by Yonatan Shapira: "Lullaby for Pilots"
And the story of Abir, Bassam Aramin's daughter: "What Happened to Abir"
Here is the website for "Combatants for Peace"

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