Thursday, January 7, 2010

Julia, a Revelation

Julia changed my life!
I was in Iran in the spring of 1978 when I first saw Julia, a film based on Pentimento, a novella by the prominent American playwright Lillian Hellman. Pentimento is about Hellman’s profound relationship with her friend Julia who worked as an anti-fascist in the years prior to World War II. Challenged and mesmerized by the strong motives in the film, and by the superb acting of Vanessa Redgrave I walked long hours in the streets of Tehran, thinking. The film changed me and my life completely!

Sitting in my room now, I think as if it were yesterday. As I need a new "Julia" --in the essence-- in my life again… Although I've been and I'm a "Julia" for some people...!

After years Lillian speaks about Julia "who exerted her profound influence on her development as a woman and a writer":

Lillian: …As the years went on, she wrote anything on the threat of Fascism and the Nazis, of Mussolini and Adolf Hitler….And the Holocaust was on the way. She couldn’t understand what the world refused to see, what was coming!

Jane Fonda and Maximilian Schell

Watch excerpts of Julia a film adapted by Alvin Sargent and directed by Fred Zinnemann.

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