Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urgent! Urgent! Save Ehsan Fattahian's Life!

Urgent!! Ehsan Fattahian will be executed tomorrow November 11 in Central Prison in Sanandaj!
His crime is only crying for freedom! Will execution silence people who strive for breathing?
Read Ehsan's letter below:

"I never feared death. Even now, as I feel its odd and honest presence next to me, I still want to smell its aroma and rediscover it; Death, who has been the most ancient companion of this land. I don’t want to talk about death; I want to question the reasons behind it. Today, when punishment is the answer for those who seek freedom and justice, how can one fear his fate? Those of “us” who have been sentenced to death by “them” are only guilty of seeking an opening to a better and fair world. Are “they” also aware of their deeds?" Read more...

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