Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peter Schlemiel, A Man Who Sold His Shadow

Peter Schlemiel a novella By Adelbert Von Chamisso
Translated by Peter Wortsman

This book is inexpressibly valuable to me! It's unexpectedly exceptional. I read it with immense pleasure and pain, and I found it enormously relevant to today’s world. Here is an excerpt of the book:

Following a moment of silence, the man in the gray coat once again spoke up. “For the short while during which I enjoyed the pleasure of your proximity, I was struck several times—Please permit me to remark upon –with inexpressible admiration for the lovely, lovely shadow you cast, that shadow you fling to the ground with a certain noble disdain and without the least notice, that lovely shadow lying even now at your feet. I wonder if you might possibly consider parting with it—I mean, selling it to me.”


Wortsman said...

Dear Ezzat,

Good to read your appreciative words. Much appreciated by the man who brought poor Peter's shadowless state to the attention of a contemporary English readership.

Peter Wortsman

Ezzat Goushegir said...

Dear Peter,
Thank you for noticing my admiration for this remarkable book, for bringing Peter to life and for your selective information about Chamisso’s life as well as the history of his time. It’s also inspiring to get to know your literary works through this book.
I couldn’t find your email address. Hope this note will find you!
Thank you again.
Ezzat Goushegir